Delena + sexual tension, requested by anonymous

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Karen Gillan as Eliza Dooley in Selfie

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“shes a pretty s p e c i a l girl…”

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please don’t leave me.
— i don’t have a choice, baby.

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delena + outside

requested by anon

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My Official 2014-2015 Watch List as of (September 14,2014)

******Live-Watching Def

****I’ll Try

Strikethrough Means I’m behind or i’ll eventually binge it

Top 5 Never Miss an Episode:

1) The Vampire Diaries****** 2) Once Upon a Time****** 3) Arrow****** 4) Agents of S.H.I.E.D.****** 5) Castle******

CW 2014-2015

The Vampire Diareis******|Arrow******|The Flash| Supernatural| The 100| Hart of Dixie

ABC 2014-2015

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.|Once Upon a Time|Castle|Agent Carter|Modern Family|Revenge|Grey’s Anatomy|How To Get Away With Murder|Selfie

FOX 2014-2015

Gotham|New Girl|Bones|Sleepy Hollow|Gracepoint|Glee

CBS 2014-2015

Big Bang Theory|

ABC Family 2014-2015

Pretty Little Liars| The Fosters| Switched at Birth|Chasing Life| Melissa and Joey|Baby Daddy

NBC 2014-2015

A to Z| Constantin|SNL

MTV 2014-2015

Teen Wolf|Faking It

USA Network 2014-2015

White Collar|Suits|Graceland|

AMC 2014-2015

The Walking Dead

Showtime 2014-2015


HBO 2014-2015

Game of Thrones|Girls

BBC America 2014-2015

Doctor Who|Orphan Black| Broadchurch


Lost Girl|House of Cards

To Watch (Eventually): Friday Night Lights| The Following| Breaking Bad| Friday Night Lights| Sherlock| Prison Break| Firefly| The Tudors| Shameless| Scandal| Psych|Chicago Fire| Chicago P.D.| Grimm| Covert Affairs| Da Vinci’s Demons| Downton Abbey| Elementary|The Mindy Project|Outlander|The Tomorrow People|The Leftovers|And whatever catches my eye or gets suggested to me


Past Shows:


Smallville / The Secret Circle /One Tree Hill / Dawson’s Creek /Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Angel / Charmed / Popular / Hellcats/ Veronica Mars/ Gilmore Girls/ 7th Heaven/ Life Unexpected/ Sabrina The Teenage Witch / Rosewell / Jack and Bobby / Young Americans/ Everwood /Do Over/ Bedford Diaries /Birds of Prey/ Felicity / Summerland / Gossip Girl / StarCrossed/ 


One Life To Live/Lost / Pushing Daises / Lois and Clark / No Ordinary Family / Ugly Betty / Pan Am


Terra Nova / The OC / Beverly Hills 90210/ Fringe



ABC Family

Greek / The Lying Game / Make It or Break It




Degrassi: The Next generation (S6-11), Boy Meets World, Full House, Merlin,

Pretty Sure I Have More………I Know there is…..

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clara’s outfit appreciation post

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"There was nothing sweeter in her life these days than Damon’s kisses. She could drift like this forever, forgetting the outside world. And that was a good thing, because she had the feeling that there was much depression in the outside and not too much happiness. But if she could always come back to this, this welcome, this sweetness, this ecstasy…"                                               — Shadow Souls

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                                      This love is difficult
                                          But it’s
 r e a l
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